ON-GRID 3KWp Photovoltaic system

ON-GRID 3kWp Photovoltaic System

The ON-GRID Photovoltaic System (grid connected) assures the power needs of a location (house, industrial location, inn, etc), by converting solar radiation into electrical energy. This system is always connected to the public power grid and it can either take, or inject energy into it, depending on the instant power needs.

The system generates electrical energy as long as its solar panels are exposed to sunlight. During the periods of time in which the solar panels are not exposed to sunlight, the system will take energy out of the power grid, if needed.

System components:

- PV panels

- inverter

- mounting

- accessories (cables, connectors, electrical panel)

- local, or by internet surveillance system


- Nominal voltage at the inverter terminals: 230 Vca

- Inverter power: 3 kW

- average power produced/day: 10 kWh

- average power produced/year: 3600 kWh

- polycristalin PV panels: 245-250 Wp


- ideal for a home with an average power consumption of 300 kWh/month

- completely non- pollutant, with an over 25 year lifecycle

- very low maintenance and running costs

- it eliminates up to 100% of the electrical energy bills

- it can be installed on any type of roof, or on the ground

Power range: 1… 100 kW