1991: SC EEE SRL, is founded, which will turn in 1994 in SC EEE SA

Main activities: distribution of electric equipment, technology provider for the electronics industry.

1994: SC EETim – Equipment Automation SA is founded.

Main activities: integrating automation equipment, electrical distribution equipment panel builders, plumbers solar photovoltaic systems.

1998:  SC EE TEST SA is founded

Main activities: distribution of measuring and testing, manufacturer of electronic protection relays.

2001 – 2003: The three companies joined at the current headquarters of Bv. Industry no. 4, a location, common property, which has a 2500 sqm building, with ground floor and two levels 1050mp.

2002 – 2006: The three companies are certified ISO 9001 for the main activities.

2006: The capital is inceased to 99,000 Lei.