Drying oven- Painting booth

Working principle

The role of the instalation is dyeing and drying the pieces painted with liquid paint.

Transportation of parts is made by a conveyor.

The system can operate both in manual mode and automatic mode.

The operating temperatures of the painting and drying system are adjustable.

In manual mode of operation, all elements of the system can be operated independently, for maintenance or test purposes.

Commands are available on the two screens of the display, Microwave Drying and  Painting Booth.

The two instalations, Spray Booth and Drying Oven, can operate simultaneously but independently of each other.

Modes of operation

In manual mode , each unit of the instalation is operated as long as you hold the button. When the button is released, the machine stops operating.

The status of the entire system is indicated via lights.

In automatic mode the system operates completely independent of operator intervention, considering only the parameters set in advance (running time, rest time, temperature, etc.) and if safe operating conditions are met.

Functional safety

All faults that occur are signaled both optically and acoustically.

The windows are made with graphics, databases and lists of failures.

 Comfort and ease of use

The system is equipped with a generously sized touch screens that can easily view all elements in the system.

The system has the possibility to connect to ethernet, which allows viewing and remote monitoring of the entire process.

It also has the possibility of a memory stick to certain parameters in the system.